From San Rafael to San Ignacio

In the heart of San Rafael, CA, a brew transports its sippers to the vast expanse of Mars, with each sip promising a cosmic journey of flavor and sustainability. Coffee on Mars is more than just an enchanting name; it’s a testament to the merging of otherworldly aspirations with down-to-earth values.

Beyond Earthly Bounds: The Mars and Alien Connection

While the name “Coffee on Mars” stirs up images of crimson landscapes and otherworldly creatures, its essence lies in merging the universe’s wonders with the rich heritage of coffee. Combining the universal allure of space with a profoundly local ethos, the brand crafts a tale of interstellar passion and earthly responsibility.

From San Rafael to San Ignacio

Roots in San Ignacio's Soil

At the core of Coffee on Mars is the dedication to sustainability, tracing back to the mountainous terrain of San Ignacio, Cajamarca, Peru. The beans are sourced from a single-family, women-owned farm and testament to empowerment and meticulous care. Harvested between July and September, the beans embody the spirit of Peruvian soil, nurtured at altitudes ranging from 1600-2100 mas and thriving in the region’s distinctive clay minerals.

A Natural Odyssey: From Bean to Cup

Coffee on Mars prioritizes nature at every step. Embracing the water-washed method, the brand ensures the beans retain vibrant flavors. This process not only promises a cleaner taste but also offers a slew of benefits, like reduced acidity, providing a brew that’s gentle on sensitive stomachs. Moreover, the focus on sun-drying without chemicals emphasizes the brand’s commitment to natural processes.

The Stellar Imagination: Mars Meets Earth

Imagine a place where the wonder of distant galaxies marries the rustic charm of a hometown café. That’s the essence of “Coffee on Mars.” The allure of the vast universe, combined with a heritage deeply rooted in San Rafael, paints a story of dreams, aspirations, and a commitment to excellence in every cup

From San Rafael to San Ignacio

The Symphony of Flavors

Dive into a cup of Coffee on Mars, and you’ll be met with layers of flavor notes, from dark rich chocolate to intriguing hints of tobacco. These profiles are derived from a curated blend of Arabica beans, which include Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Pache, and Typica. By using whole beans, Coffee on Mars ensures maximum freshness and potency in every brew.

Brewing Benefits Beyond Taste

While the taste is paramount, Coffee on Mars provides benefits that extend beyond the palate:

  • Digestive comfort is attributed to the water-washed process that eases the brew’s impact on the stomach.
  • Enhanced nutrient absorption, promising a cup that complements overall well-being.
  • Lower mycotoxin content, underscoring the brand’s dedication to health and safety.

From San Rafael to the Universe

Coffee on Mars is more than a delightful brew; it’s a journey. Starting in San Rafael and tracing back to the ethereal landscapes of San Ignacio, every cup promises a sustainable, flavorful voyage. It’s a cosmic blend of dreams, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to the planet and its people.

In the vast landscape of coffee culture, Coffee on Mars emerges as a beacon, seamlessly blending the wonder of the cosmos with the grounded realities of sustainable farming. Its story, spanning from the vibrant streets of San Rafael to the lush terrains of San Ignacio, encapsulates a journey of passion, dedication, and a commitment to flavor and the planet. As we sip this brew, we are not just tasting a blend of exquisite beans. Still, we are also partaking in a larger narrative, one that honors tradition, empowers communities and constantly reaches for the stars. This is the magic of Coffee on Mars—a celestial experience grounded in earthly goodness.


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