Mars and Coffee: An Otherworldly Connection

Coffee has been a beloved beverage for centuries, but Coffee on Mars, a unique brand based in San Rafael, CA, has taken this love to interstellar heights. Blending the mysteries of space with the comfort of a morning brew is more than just branding; it’s a journey. Let’s delve into this unique blend of the otherworldly and the deeply grounded.

From Earth to Mars: Brewing a Celestial Connection

The allure of Mars has always been profound. Its dusty red landscapes, its place in legends as the god of war, and its recent position as the potential next frontier for humanity make Mars a symbol of intrigue and exploration. Coffee, in its essence, is similar. For many, the first sip of coffee is an exploration, a journey to awaken the senses, and a leap into the day’s challenges. “Coffee on Mars” perfectly marries these two concepts, creating a narrative that, while centered around Mars, speaks to the heart of every coffee lover.

Mars and Coffee

The Martian Inspiration: Why Mars?

The Martian allure has always captivated us, drawing parallels with our earthly passions, such as the love for a good cup of coffee. Just as space explorers are lured by the mysteries of Mars, brimming with intrigue and curiosity, coffee lovers are on a perpetual quest for unique and novel flavors. This isolated excellence of Mars, which stands distinct from its celestial neighbors, mirrors the fantastic quality of Coffee on Mars’ beans, each sourced responsibly from a singular location. Furthermore, the fusion of an alien theme with our beloved brew crafts an exotic narrative, transforming every sip into an unusually thrilling coffee-drinking experience.

The Magic of Water-Washed Processing

The “water-washed” tag isn’t just a fancy term. It is a meticulous process where water removes the mucilage from the coffee cherry before drying. This process holds several benefits for the coffee:

  1. It imparts a cleaner, more vibrant flavor to the beans.
  2. The reduction in acidity due to this method ensures that the coffee is gentler on the stomach, an attribute cherished by those sensitive to acidity.
  3. With potentially reduced mycotoxin levels, one can enjoy their brew with an added layer of assurance regarding its health benefits.

A Symphony of Flavors: More than Just a Drink

Each cup of Coffee on Mars is a sensory expedition. The custom medium-dark roast emanates dark, rich chocolate notes complemented by hints of tobacco. And with varieties like Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Pache, and Typica, there’s a complexity and depth to the flavor that’s truly commendable. The Arabica beans guarantee that this intricate dance of flavors remains fresh, cup after cup.

Mars and Coffee

A Journey in Every Cup

You’ll be introduced to a delightful blend of flavors as you sip this coffee. The medium-dark roasted beans exude dark, rich chocolate undertones combined with hints of tobacco. Using whole Arabica beans ensures that the freshness and richness of these flavors are locked in. The varieties—Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Pache, and Typica—contribute to this rich mosaic of tastes.

A Brew that Transcends

Essentially, ‘Coffee on Mars’ is a brew that breaks boundaries. It’s where celestial wonder meets earthly delight. With every cup, you embark on a journey that starts on a women-owned farm in Peru, passes through the heart of San Rafael, and takes you to the Martian landscapes’ vast expanse.


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