Why Our Coffee Has Reduced Acidity

In the bustling town of San Rafael, CA, lies a unique coffee brand that’s drawing attention not just for its out-of-this-world theme but, more importantly, for its health-centric approach to coffee production. Coffee on Mars, with its reduced acidity focus, is on a mission not just to the Red Planet. Its primary mission is grounded in offering a coffee experience that aligns health with flavor, particularly highlighting the reduced acidity of its brew.

From San Ignacio's Altitudes to San Rafael's Cafes

Every journey begins with a single step, or in the case of coffee, with a single bean. The narrative of Coffee on Mars’s unique brew starts atop the elevated landscapes of San Ignacio, Cajamarca, in Peru. In the laps of nature, nestled between altitudes of 1600 – 2100 masl, coffee beans thrive in clay mineral-rich soil. This original environment is cultivated and overseen by a dedicated single-family, women-owned farm, ensuring every bean is perfectly nurtured. Such an origin story is vital, as the essence of the coffee’s health benefits and reduced acidity begins at its roots..

Water-Washing: The Core of Reduced Acidity

This water-washing process is instrumental in ensuring the coffee exhibits lowered acidity levels. What this means for consumers is a gentler brew on the stomach, a boon for those sensitive to acidic foods and beverages. This reduced acidity is pivotal in decreasing gastrointestinal discomfort, often associated with more acidic coffee varieties.

But it’s not just about comfort. The water-washing process also ensures that the coffee beans have lower mycotoxin levels. Mycotoxins, which are harmful compounds that can sometimes find their way into coffee during drying, are significantly minimized. This makes the coffee safer and aligns with Coffee on Mars’s pledge to offer a brew that promotes wellness.

Moreover, beyond these health benefits, the water-washing method ensures the coffee has a cleaner, more vibrant flavor profile. It’s a holistic approach to coffee production that considers both health and the sensory experience of drinking coffee.

Reduced Acidity

The Significance of Reduced Acidity

So, why all this focus on reduced acidity? The reason is multifold. Firstly, a coffee with reduced acidity is more inclusive. It caters to a broader range of coffee enthusiasts, including those who might have shied away due to stomach sensitivities. The discomfort or irritation often associated with acidic foods and beverages is minimized, allowing more people to enjoy the comforting embrace of a warm coffee mug.

Additionally, reduced acidity promotes better nutrient absorption in the digestive system. This might seem minor, but it contributes to overall well-being in the long run. When your body can better absorb nutrients, it’s more equipped to function at its best, making every sip of Coffee on Mars a step towards a healthier day.

In a market flooded with countless coffee brands, Coffee on Mars exemplifies the perfect union of health and flavor. Through its careful sourcing from San Ignacio, meticulous water-washing process, and dedication to reduced acidity, Coffee on Mars offers a beverage and a commitment. A commitment to its consumers’ health, the flavor profile of its brew, and the idea that every morning cup can be both a pleasure and a healthful choice. Ultimately, it’s not just about reaching for the stars or Mars but for a cup that genuinely cares.


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