Why We Use Whole Arabica Beans​

When it comes to coffee, not all beans are created equal. That’s why we at Coffee on Mars go to great lengths to source the best of the best: whole Arabica beans. In a world of shortcuts and compromises, whole Arabica beans are a pinnacle of flavor, aroma, and quality. We want to provide not just a drink but an experience that delights your senses from the first sniff to the last sip. But what exactly makes these beans stand out? Let’s delve into the nuanced world of Arabica coffee and why we’ve made it the foundation of our offerings.

Arabica vs. Robusta: The Eternal Debate

The Arabica Advantage

Arabica and Robusta are the two most common species of coffee beans used in coffee production. While Robusta is easier to grow and more disease-resistant, Arabica is widely celebrated for its sweeter, softer taste and higher sugar concentration. Arabica beans have a more nuanced flavor palette, often described as a range of tones, from sweeter, tangy tastes to tangy tones, making them ideal for our custom medium-dark roast that boasts dark chocolate and tobacco notes.

Robusta Reconsidered

That’s not to say Robusta has no merits—it does, especially in espresso blends and some Italian espresso recipes. However, Arabica beans are our go-to choice for the unique taste profile we aim to achieve at Coffee on Mars.

What are Whole Arabica Beans?

The Bean Anatomy

Whole Arabica beans are the seeds of the Coffea Arabica plant. This coffee species demands specific growing conditions, including higher altitudes and cooler temperatures, making the cultivation process labor-intensive. The extra effort is worth the flavor payoff, and you’ll understand why when you sip our coffee.

How They're Processed

Arabica beans are often hand-picked—sourced from higher altitudes, like our single-family, women-owned farm in Peru. These beans are then processed through a water-washed method and sun-dried without any chemicals, maintaining each bean’s natural integrity and maximum potential.

Why Whole Arabica Beans?

Flavor Unleashed

Keeping the beans whole until the point of brewing maximizes freshness and allows us to capture the intricate profile of the Arabica variety. Ground coffee begins to lose its essence soon after it’s processed, but whole beans? They maintain their complex layers of flavors, aromas, and oils until you’re ready to release them.

Custom Medium-Dark Roast Perfected

Whole Arabica beans respond exceptionally well to roasting, permitting us to perfect our custom medium-dark roast. This roasting profile, combined with the inherent qualities of Arabica, brings out those irresistible dark chocolate and tobacco notes, setting our coffee apart from the rest.

Choosing whole Arabica beans is a deliberate and thoughtful decision on our part. This choice mirrors our staunch dedication to maintaining the highest quality and delivering unparalleled flavor to our customers. Whole Arabica beans have a distinguished profile, and it’s these beans that are responsible for the consistent, impeccable quality of every cup. Our custom medium-dark roast, with its nuanced notes and depth, exemplifies the beauty of these beans. When you relish each sip of our meticulously handcrafted brew, you’re experiencing a harmonious blend of flavors that has been fine-tuned to perfection, all thanks to the unmatched quality of whole Arabica beans.